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Калибровка аналогового тахографа 3000
Калибровка цифрового тахографа 3000
Установка пломбировочной крышки тахографа 500
Установка тахографа СКЗИ АТОЛ Drive Smart от 35 000
Установка тахографа СКЗИ VDO Continental 3283 от 43 000
Установка тахографа ЕСТР EFAS 4.5 от 39 000
Замена датчика скорости Kitas II + 7,500
Программация тахографа от 1200
Диагностика тахографа 500-1000
Ремонт тахографа от 2 500
Карта водителя для тахографа ЕСТР 3500
Карта водителя для тахографа СКЗИ 3500

You will always see how close you are standing to the limits 9 and 11 hours. To use as you wish. the Timer 24/45 hours weekly calculate you pause, You will always see how close you are standing to the limits of 24 and 45 hours, when the pause is shortened then the app will accurately indicate the time of payment. the Timer 144 hours(W – W) a very important timer. The timer works according to the rules of the tachograph. When moving the finger on the screen vertically is enabled day/night mode display. the Program is completely protected from any cuts, such as forced termination or discharge of the battery. Made 15 or 9 hours by pressing the appropriate button. It needs to work the whole week. the Third area is business calendar.

AntiBAG Tachograph. Introduced in the tachograph letter and clicked the appropriate button in the application. Coming to join them and download AntiBAG Tachograph directly! The entire regime of work and rest for truck drivers in the same application. If you drove more than 9 hours, click 10.

So You will never forget about this mandatory procedure. Pass license check and Internet you can disable. If two mineralnymi the rest has already been increased three working days(15 hours) or three reduced daily rest(9 hours), the timer total working time(ALL) will take only 13 hours. Display the work calendar will not allow you to exceed the weekly limit. Except one time, in the beginning. Over 616 users rating a average 4 of 5 about AntiBAG Tachograph. Indicators 10 hour drive will automatically reset on Monday 00:00. the Indicator-button 24/45 let me remind you what a vacation You had last time, abbreviated or full.

Working with this app to ignore it. the Second area is all the necessary timers to work. This is an original apk file fetch from google play. In a calendar week can be 2 times to drive 10 hours. Click in the lower blank area will bring you back to the program. AntiBAG Tachograph App s. Fully validated and tested version.Everything is simple and reliable. If 15 minutes have passed and in 45 minutes had not yet arrived, we counted only 15 minutes, and following a pause, the timer will take 30 minutes. the Timer 9/11 hours calculate you magdalou pause. Will give an alarm at 15 and 45 minutes.

If pause is pressed to 15 minutes, the rest not counted. Use it and forget what a huge fines. When you have downloaded it, installed and did first run. Hold any of the timer for one second starts a timer or puts it on pause if the timer was already running. For the application Antibug Tachograph not required.

All timers operate independently of each other. Switching this indicator, reset button 15 and 9 in the calendar and with the start of a new working week, you can again take a 15 hour work days and a shorter 9-hour pause. Before starting, turn on timer to the total time 13/15 hours(ALL) and you’ll always know how much You have left of working time. Holding down the button for 3 seconds resets the timer to its original position. App Rating : 4/5 based on 616 reviews. So you always see all the necessary rmation during the working week. It will not allow you to make mistakes and to make two consecutive reduced mineralnych guests.

You can download AntiBAG Tachograph 2.0.34 directly on Allfreeapk. At the end of the working day introduced in the tachograph letter of the country leaving work and confirmed this action in the application. About AntiBAG Tachograph. It was released on . No more records on paper and errors in the calculations. If you have forgotten the short letter of the country to the tachograph, the application AntiBAG Tahograf swipe right to left to see the list of countries and abbreviations in these countries. The timer will rm you for 30 minutes about the need to embark on another mindaliny rest.

If you have exceeded the allotted time, the app will show how many minutes. 45 minute Timer will rm You about the end of the pause when you are out of the car or busy with their own Affairs. The latest version of AntiBAG Tachograph is 2.0.34. More than 5000 is playing AntiBAG Tachograph right now. To switch the indicator you need at the end mineralnoy pause.

In 30 minutes the application will tell the inclusion of the screen and the sound on the end of the day. Edit Review: AntiBAG Tachograph is a Productivity app developed by ZlojDalnoboy. The app does not use GPS in their work. the application has three active region. the First is the daily reminder to enter the country for the beginning and end of the work. You will always see how much time is left until the start of the next mineralnoy pause. 144 hours is the maximum interval between two mineralnymi pauses.

Антибаг тахограф

It is necessary to include then when they started my first day at work, or when you have finished mineralnoy break and starts the new work week. AntiBAG Tachograph Screenshot. It is safe to download and free of any virus.

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